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Migration from SQL Server 2008 to 2016 Version – An Introduction

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Published On November 2nd, 2022
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migration from SQL Server 2008 to 2016Synopsis: Users often migrate their lower SQL Server to a higher version for some improvements. However, the migration from SQL Server 2008 to 2016 is a major upgrade. Hence, users face plenty of difficulties as the technological upgrade here is of eight years.

A lot of users send us emails stating how they fail every time during the operation. Then they ask for the ideal solution as well. Let’s have a look at one such query & we can easily continue the blog further.

To migrate SQL Server 2008 R2 to 2016 step by step safely, users need to be technically wise. We’re not saying technical knowledge is compulsory (although it can help). Users should be smart enough in making wise decisions to get complete their objectives as soon as possible. Moreover, the ultimate goal is perfect & accurate results.

You Can Migrate SQL Server 2008 to 2016 Step by Step Automatically

It’s quite common for users to ask about the manual solution. Now, there is no direct manual solution available for this task. Users should opt for the automated utility for executing the perfect solution. Users can find the description of both methods below:

Manual Solution (Indirect): There is no manual solution through which we can directly transfer the data files from one server to another. This is why users have to first create a backup of the SQL server database & then export it to the new server. Users should also run a compatibility test prior to the operation.

Automated Solution (Direct): The automated solution is the major method to migrate SQL Server 2008 R2 to 2016 step by step. Here, users can rely on software made especially for executing this migration task with ease. Users can counter all the errors with the help of this tool. Downlaod the perfect SQL Server Migration Tool for best results.

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It’s upto users to select the ideal method. The inappropriate decision can severely make the entire migration experience unappealing. Moreover, it even makes the situation worse. Hence, users should make the choice wisely.

Migration from SQL Server 2008 to 2016 – Needs & Challenges

There’s a reason behind every action & then challenges in getting the results we want. Similarly, this SQL migration task also possesses several needs & challenges that we are going to have a look at. It’s significant to be aware of these aspects that help us understand the entire operation in a smart manner.

Need of this Migration Operation

  • Upgradation: Server upgrade is what users intend in most cases. There are several factors here as mentioned
      • Performance & Speed
      • Functionality & Fetaures
      • Better Pricing Plans
  • Merger: Brand mergers are one of the reasons for this migration task. When two brands merge, they are more likely to bring all the data together.
  • Acquisition: Similarly, we can say that here also the user intent is to bring the entire database together after acquiring another brand.

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Challenges to Migrate SQL Server 2008 to 2016 Step by Step

  • Users get stuck when they have to migrate the SQL Server database having damaged or Corrupt Objects. This is a major issue as migrating damaged objects creates a mess &  can result in bigger issues.
  • Lack of skills & Technical Knowledge is what disturbs a user as this task requires core technical knowledge for extracting the best results. New users often face difficulties in getting the perfect solution.
  • There are also some Compatibility Issues of the lower & higher versions of SQL that irritates users. A compatibility test is crucial to know if your new server will support the data files of your old SQL server.
  • Last but not least, the Selection of the Right Tool is equally important as we know the wrong solution can severely affect users in a negative way. Users should only trust reliable solutions over fake ones.

Migrate SQL Server 2008 R2 to 2016 Step by Step – Easy Tutorial

Now, it’s time to focus on the tutorial for executing the migration operation. The very first task is to downlaod the most reliable utility from the above section & then install it in your system.

The reaosn we are mentioning this one is that it eliminates all the errors & there is no need to run compatibility tests here. It can make the database compatible with the destination server.

Follow the below steps along with the respective images to get the perfect solution without facing any difficulties. It’s quite easy for users to execute the migration from SQL Server 2008 to 2016 without skipping any step.

Step-1. Launch the Software & then Click on the Open button.

step-1 open software

Step-2. Select the Offline or Online Mode for the migration.

step-2 offline & online modes

Step-3. Preview Database Objects & Go to Export option.

step-3 preview objects

Step-4. Here, just Adjust the Export Options accordingly.

step-4 export options

Step-5. Finally, Hit the Export button to finish the task.

step-5 migration from SQL Server 2008 to 2016

Automated Utility Features to Keep In Mind

Let’s have a look at the features of the automated utility that can help users to execute this migration from SQL Server 2008 to 2016 version in a smart manner. There is an integration of AI technology with this software. Evidently, this enables users to think outside the box.

Obviously, it’s difficult to mention all the features of the tool here. Therefore, we are going to mention the major ones here. This can help users to understand the tool & then utilize its full potential.

  • Here, export your entire database from the offline MDF files to the live SQL Server Database.
  • Users can also execute data migration from SQL-compatible scripts to online/offline servers.
  • Transfer the database from the live SQL Server to another live SQL Server without hassles.
  • Migrate your SQL Server database from one server to another on the same network safely.
  • Can create a new database to store the data after migration or export it to an existing one.
  • The tool allows users to migrate damaged/corrupted SQL data files after repairing them.
  • Easily migrate SQL Server 2008 to 2016 step by step with schema or schema and data.
  • There are several filters available that allow users to get the results selectively & faster.
  • The software supports SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 & others.

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The Final Verdict

We hope that users are now well aware of all the crucial aspects of the entire operation. There is no way that the manual solution can provide them with results with such simplicity. Even It experts do not recommend the manual solution as it’s not a direct solution & there is no guarantee of results.

Evidently, migration from SQL Server 2008 to 2016 with the automated solution is an ideal choice. The right tool & technique is how we can provide users with the perfect answers. The reason why users like this utility are that it does not require users to be technically wise. Moreover, it offers a free demo version as well.

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