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Know How to Break Password Protected PDF File

Published By Raj Kumar
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Published On November 26th, 2021
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Can anyone tell me how to break password protected PDF file? Actually I have a PDF file with me that is secured with an opening password. So I want a PDF splitter tool that can split my password-protected PDF. Because I don’t want to separately remove the password and then split the PDF file.Cher, New York

In this query, the user is asking for two things that should be done simultaneously:

  • First, split or break the PDF file.
  • Second, want an inbuilt PDF unlocker feature.

Well, there is one tool that will spare your time and will do both tasks simultaneously that is SysTools PDF Split & Merge Tool.

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This tool meets the excellence of Adobe Acrobat Pro plus you don’t have to pay the top dollar for this amazing software. This tool has 6 split options to break your PDF file without distorting text and page layout. You also get an integrated functionality to open a PDF document or file after providing the PDF password in the tool itself. That is why it is a perfect utility to break the password-protected PDF.

How to Break Password Protected PDF File

The tool has a simple to use user interface that is understandable even by a non-technical person. You can press on the download button to get a Free edition of this tool. Just follow these steps to know how to brake password-protected PDF:

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1-Step: Click on the PDF Split option to break the password-protected PDF file.

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2-Step: Click on the “Add Files” / “Add Folder” option to insert multiple PDF files or folders. Then, click on the Next button.

How to Break Password Protected PDF

3-Step: Now, you will be asked to enter the opening password of the PDF.

4-Step: Various Split options will appear, choose anyone one. Then, press the Split button.

Note: You can also click on the Change button to provide the location where you will save your PDF file.

5-Step: At last, the completion message will be displayed.

Note: Free Edition of the tool will work for 5 PDF files. To split unlimited PDF files, get its license key.

You Get 6 Different Split Options With This Tool

Now that you have learned how to break password protected PDF. Its time to know your tool. This is a remarkable tool because it comes with 6 different split options such as:

  1. Split by Page: using this option you can take out desired PDF documents by giving their page number.
  2. Split by page range: here you can take out a range of PDF documents for example if you write 9-14 in the textbox. The tool will give you PDF pages numbered from 9 to 14 in a separate file.
  3. Split by Size: you can split your PDF according to size as per your convenience.
  4. Split by Each Page: you can break each page of a PDF document in separate files.
  5. Split by Even Pages: break all the even-numbered PDF pages.
  6. Split by Odd Pages: break all the odd-numbered PDF pages.

NOTE: If you don’t want any PDF attachment Union resultant file then, you can tick the Skip Attachment option. It is given where the split option has been given.

What If Your PDF File Has Owner Restrictions

Some of you may know that there are are two ways to encrypt your PDFs. Either you put an opening password or set some restrictions on a PDF document. The above-mentioned tool works perfectly for PDF having an opening password.

In the case of a restricted PDFs, if you can open your document but cannot edit it or extract pages from a PDF file. That means you need a different tool to remove restrictions then only you can use this PDF splitter tool.

You can download this PDF Password Remover. It will remove all the permissions from PDF files and folders.

  • The great thing about this tool is that it doesn’t need a permission password to remove restrictions.
  • Also, it can remove 8 types of PDF restrictions like Editing, Copying, Printing, Extracting Pages, Signing, Unlocks PDF form fields, and Creating Templates.

But, if you choose to use Adobe Acrobat Pro then, you have to provide the Permission Password.


In this blog, you get to know how to break password protected PDF. If your PDF has an opening password or user-password then, you can directly use the PDF splitter tool. But if your PDF files have restrictions or permissions. You need to first remove all restrictions using another password remover tool then, you can use the splitter tool.

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