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Difference Between Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail: Complete Guide

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Published On July 3rd, 2018
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Today, there are several users who do not exactly know the difference between Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail. In order to clarify this confusing state, we have come up with this technical paper. Here, we will discuss the main characteristics of both email clients. The major reason for two email client comparison is that, to know which is more efficient and why? But here, as we know Outlook Express is no longer in use, so the debate is about why Windows Live Mail. Before beginning, if you are in search for migrating Outlook Express data files from Windows Live Mail, then here is the solution for you. Use DBX to EML Converter software is for safe and secure data migration without data loss.

A Vast Comparison of Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail

Microsoft Corporation has a wide range of users and everyone has their own requirements. Thus, Microsoft has launched two different kinds of Email clients to cater following two segments:

  1. Home Users
  2. Enterprise Users


Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail: A Battle Game

Outlook Express also known as Microsoft Internet Mail and News is a POP3 and IMAP compatible email application with an inbuilt newsreader. It allows to perform various operations such as send, receive, save, manage email messages. It was a part of Internet Explorer in the earlier versions of Windows and later it was provided as a standalone software. Outlook Express 6 is the last edition of this software released in Windows XP and after that, it was discontinued and replaced by Windows Mail. It has a similar GUI to Outlook Express 5. So, it is important to know the difference between Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail.

Availability of Outlook Express

Versions for Windows

  • Microsoft Internet Mail and News 1.0 released with Internet Explorer 3
  • Microsoft Internet Mail and News 2.0 released with Internet Explorer 3
  • Outlook Express 4.0 included in Windows 98 and with Internet Explorer 4
  • Outlook Express 5.0 included in Windows 98 SE with Internet Explorer 4
  • Outlook Express 5.01 included in Windows 2000 with Internet Explorer 5.01
  • Outlook Express 5.5 included in Windows Me with Internet Explorer 5.5
  • Outlook Express 6.0 included in Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6

Versions for Mac

  • Outlook Express 4.0 included in Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition
  • Outlook Express 5.01 included with Internet Explorer 5
  • Outlook Express 5.01 included Internet Explorer 5.01
  • Outlook Express 5.5 bundled with Internet Explorer 5.5

Features of Outlook Express Classic

Outlook Express was designed for home users and it has only a few features such as emailing and newsgroup. It does not support Exchange Server and it supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols. LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol), SMIME (Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), MHTML (Multipurpose HTML), NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) are supported by this email client. It has the functionality to generate inbox rules so that the emails can be better organized. Its email backgrounds can be customized with the backgrounds and graphics and it includes the pre-designed “stationery” for use in few special occasions i.e., birthdays, holidays etc. The Outlook Express can be used for multiple email accounts it is difficult to integrate it with MS Office. It has no any feature to create an automatic backup and it uses DBX file format to store mailbox data.

Why Outlook Express is No Longer Supported?

The last time Outlook Express was released with Internet Explorer 6 and after that, IE6’s actively discouraged. Then, there were no more Outlook Express releases, no more bug fixing solutions. Also, Microsoft abstracted Outlook Express from Windows Vista and there was no technique to get Outlook Express in Windows 7 / 8 to run an absolute copy of the Windows XP in the virtual machine. So now in this situation, gathering knowledge on the difference between Outlook Express And Windows Live Mail is essential. Here the user can learn more about WLM.

Windows Live Mail also known as Windows Live Mail Desktop is an email client developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a part of Windows Essentials suite, which can be downloaded from the official website for free of cost. It uses EML or EMLX file format to save mailbox data. It features email integration, contact management, scheduling, calendaring for business users. Windows Live Mail requires its own app password to access the mailbox information. It is designed to run on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows 8, and it is also compatible with Windows 10.

Availability of WLM

  • Windows Live Mail 2009
  • Windows Live Mail 2011
  • Windows Live Mail 2012

Features of WLM

It provides the functionality to set up multiple accounts within it, enclosing all the accounts at a single place allows to use them offline. Windows Live Mail has a feature of photo-email that allows users to transfer high-quality images even without clogging the recipient’s inbox. Users can include the webmails like- Outlook.com (HotMail), Gmail, etc., in it. This email client has improved and enhanced security features along with better search features that allow to search content, title or the sender of an email. Windows Live Mail has a fully featured calendar, which can be view online from any computer. Photo email, enhanced security, multiple email accounts, customs layout and views, RSS in the inbox, and direct blogging are some unique and extraordinary features of this eminent email client.

Difference between Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail

Specification Outlook Express Windows Live Mail
RSS Reader No Yes
Junk email filter No Yes
Blogging tool No Yes
Default folders 5 5 folders for each email account configuration in the program./td>

Search function Slow Very fast
Photo email No Yes – Its Photo email feature is helpful to send large images over email even without burdening the recipient with huge downloads
Identities Yes No – Identities replaced by Windows 7 user accounts
Safety options Limited for blocked senders list Phishing email detection, Blocked list etc.
HTML source view Yes No
Contact details Saved in Outlook Express address book Saved in Windows Contacts

Final Words

In this article, we have tried to pull all main features and other specifications that describes the difference between Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail. So from the blog a user gather required information on Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail, its features, functions in clear. Now, if users want to migrate from Outlook Express DBX files into WLM EML format, then there is an efficient software available. So decided, when to transfer Outlook Express data files to WLM?

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