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Cyber Crime Forensic Investigation Services in India

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Published On July 9th, 2024
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cyber crime investigation services in india

Today, the demand for cyber crime investigation services is increasing year by year. But what is digital crime investigation and how does it help to solve cyber crimes? All will be answered in this article. To start the guide, we first understand the meaning of cyber crimes.

What is Cyber Crime?

In simpler terms, cyber crimes are those crimes that use digital technology. Nowadays, with the development of advanced technology, it has become easier to share and store your data. Also, much work is done online such as bank transfers, online payment, etc. Similarly, criminals use this same technology to harm, steal, spread rumors, etc. Therefore, in recent years cyber crimes have been so much that affect both financially, economically, and mentally.

Common Cyber Crimes Activities

Today, the internet and electronic devices are affordable for everyone. Criminals also use them to commit various crimes, such as.

  • Phishing: A criminal sends fake messages promising monetary prizes to their target victim. When the person clicks these messages, the sender will get their bank or important information. This practice is called phishing. They target through emails, messages, calls, etc.
  • Identity theft: It means that a person gets the details of credit cards or bank information of another person without their knowledge and misuses it.
  • Hacking: This is the most common crime where a hacker hack the computer or any other devices to steal important data, or spread viruses.

There are many other cyber crimes, but these are the common ones. Thus, cyber crimes are a rising problem for everyone. To fight this, computer crime investigation is used. In the next section, we will explain digital crime investigation and related details.

Why Cyber Crime Investigation Services Useful For?

Whenever any crime occurs, the investigation team is called to gather evidence to catch the culprit. In the same way, cyber crime investigation companies are to be called to collect, and analyze, digital evidence which helps them to solve digital crimes. This is very important because you can trace other activities, find the criminals, and provide useful information for legal actions. So, when a digital crime happens, investigation is the first step.

Importance of Computer Crime Investigations

From the above context, you can say that cyber crime forensic investigation is crucial as it helps you to gather information. But, along with this, it can also be used in other tasks, such as.

  • The main use of the investigation is to identify the criminals who committed the crimes. It is beneficial for law enforcers to help solve the crimes quickly.
  • It helps in finding the key evidence which will then be presented in the court or legal proceedings.
  • From these investigations you can recover lost or stolen data. Also, it puts efforts into further minimizing the damages of those affected.
  • An experienced investigator knows some of the patterns of cybercriminals. So, with these, they can make strategies to help you prevent the accident.

Therefore, the cyber crime investigation service provides many services like recovering your data, tracing the criminals, and building trust in digital systems. Now, we will see the procedure of doing the investigation.

Cyber Crime Forensic Investigations Process

We discussed what exactly digital crime investigation is and understood what it is provided. Now, you are curious about how the investigation process works. Below are the stages of the investigation process.

  1. Identifying and searching the devices: The first step is that you have to find the devices that the criminal uses. We will use techniques to search the data that present as evidence.
  2. Acquiring the evidence: Once they uncover the information it helps to solve the case. They collect it by taking screenshots, creating backups, and documenting other data.
  3. Analyzing the evidence: Now, we analyze the data to get useful information like what happened, how it happened, and who is responsible. In this, we use the help of digital forensic tools and techniques to examine the data and find the necessary information.
  4. Identification of the culprit: From the above information, we can also trace the culprit behind the crime. Tracking IP addresses, email headers, or other digital footprints can help them.
  5. Documentation: Once we find the crucial information and identify the criminals. We documented everything in detail. It includes every action we take to gather the evidence. The documentation is important for further legal actions.
  6. Reporting and Submission: Once you get the required information, we will create a report and submit it to the court or any high authority.

Once the investigation process is over, then the company or individual must take preventive measures to prevent another cyber attack.

Computer Crime Investigation Techniques

Cybercriminals use different methods in their activities, similarly, the digital crime investigator also uses various techniques to uncover the culprit. Below are some of the popular methods the investigator uses.

  • Digital forensics is a branch of forensics that helps to collect data from different digital devices. With the help of this, you can gather evidence to solve the cases. This method is used in every investigation.
  • The cyber crime investigator also takes interviews with witnesses, evaluates surveillance footage, and analyzes financial records to help in finding information that can help in the investigation.
  • Some cases are where investigators create fake social media profiles to access the information.
  • Collaborating with professional agencies and organizations can also help. Here, the investigator works with the organization together to share information and resources. For example, collaborating with companies that specialize in cyber security provides great help in solving the case.

These are the techniques that will be useful in your work as an investigator. Other than that, many tools can also help your work, which we mentioned below.

Tools for Cyber Crime Investigations Services

In the analysis steps, we use various tools to find information from the devices. On the internet, there are several softwares that we listed below.

  • Digital Forensic Software: From this utility, you can recover deleted files, analyze the metadata of the files and emails, and examine network traffic logs. Softwares like EnCase, FTK, and Autopsy are popular tools.
  • Network Analysis Tool: It is used to monitor the network traffic, identify suspicious activity, and track the data network. Wireshark, tcpdump, and Netscout are the famous tools.
  • Malware analysis Tool: The software analyzes and reverse engineer malware to understand the behaviour and identity of the source. The softwares for this is IDA Pro, OllyDbg, and Binary Ninja.
  • Password Recovery Tool: To recover passwords from encrypted files, databases, or other sources of digital evidence. Cain and Abel, John the Ripper, and Hashcat are famous software.
  • Software Media Analysis Tool: You can use this software to track suspects’ activities and gather evidence from social media platforms. The tools are Hootsuite, Followerwonk, and Mention.

So these are the important softwares that helps you in finding the evidence and solving the crime.

Challenges for Cyber Crime Investigation Services

There are challenges in every work field including computer crime investigations. As new technologies are developing, criminals use these technologies to commit crimes which makes the investigator’s job harder. So, below we provided problems in digital crime investigations to make your work difficult.

  • Technologies like VPNs, proxies, and Tor allow users to hide their IP addresses and encrypt their data. So, criminals can use this to hide their identities. For investigators, it is difficult to trace the origin of fraudulent activities.
  • Encryption allows you to access the data. The criminals use this to encrypt their files, emails, and other important data which is hard for anyone to decrypt.
  • Technologies are continuously changing and criminals are also adopting these new changes. Cyber crime investigators must also be updated with the latest tools and techniques to combat the growing cyber threats.
  • Uncovering the people behind the incidents can be difficult because finding the location of the cyber criminals is complicated.

Solutions to Solve the Digital Crime Investigation Challenges

The above points that we mentioned are the difficulties of cyber crime forensics. We understand the problems above, and now, see the ways to overcome them.

  • In this profession updating your skills and continuous training will help you. Investigators should stay updated with the latest tools, techniques, etc.
  • It is important to know new advanced technologies. If you get a chance, learn them which makes your work easier. Also, specialized tools can help you in your investigation.
  • Keep updating yourself on emerging cyber threats and activities and create investigative strategies to overcome new challenges in computer crime.
  • Regularly monitor the effectiveness of the cyber crime investigation processes. Identify improvements in the area, get feedback from your clients, and make necessary improvements.

Implementing these tips helps the investigator in their job. In India, cases of cyber crimes are increasing every year. Because of this, many cyber crime investigation companies in India provide the best services, and consultation for both the government and private sector. So we will tell you about a few companies in India that offer great services in this field.

Cyber Crime Investigation Services in India

Over the years, India has become a new hub for technologies, new technologies are evolving and most of the work becomes digital such as online payment, scheduling appointments online, etc. Along with this, cyber crimes are also increasing. This is why many cyber crime investigation companies are helping to fight them. One such company is SysTools Digital Forensics Services. It is an accomplished investigation team that has a skilled and experienced team.

The company has a list of many clients around the country including government, private companies, and individual persons. They have collaborated with many of India’s government agencies like Income Tax, NARCO, India’s Defense Department, etc. to help them solve the cases. Not only this, they also work with India’s biggest company. Therefore, SysTools is one of the best companies in India that offers drone forensics, email forensics, and all other data forensic services.


In today’s times, there is a rise in cyber crime investigation services in India. That’s why, the purpose of this guide is to understand the problems of cyber crimes. How does computer crime investigation help in solving crimes? We explained the process, techniques, and tools used in these investigations. Also, understand the challenges faced by many professionals and the ways to solve them. At last, we also explained the role of cyber crime forensics services in fighting cyber crimes.

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