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Tool To Open, Browse & Read .vhdx or .vhd File of Virtual Disk Images Files

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vhdx-opener software

Size: 6.9 MB Version: 7.0

vhdx viewer VHDX viewer

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A robust solution to view VHDX files, explore and preview Hyper-V Virtual Disk Image Files without any single error encountered. Repair damaged VHDX file with one of the best freeware Software to open vhdx file.

  • VHDX Viewer supports to open VHDX Files with an ease
  • Compatible with single/multiple Partition
    It is designed to open and view window backup images file having FAT32 & NTFS Fixed/Dynamic
    to view VHDX File
  • Option to display and view VHDX files from failed virtual machine
  • VHDX file viewer allows to read VHDX files from MS Hypervisor
  • No size limitations imposed to browse VHDX file allows infinite size
  • VHDX Reader software allows to restore Raw partition.
  • Compatible to Open VHDX file with all the versions of Windows
    The tool supports to open VHDX file Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit) or Window Server 2008/2012.
  • Easy to restore deleted files
    Recover corrupted VHDX files along with its data & images
    from VHDX viewer freeware
  • Tool allows to restore raw data from formatted Drives

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VHDX Viewer Freeware Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of VHDX Viewer Tool

VHDX Viewer Tool With Some Brilliant Features

Open VHDX Files

Display VHDX Files

The freeware provides an option to view VHDX files inside matter. The VHDX viewer renders an easy alternative to explore VHDX files of any virtual machine and the hypervisor server. The tool even provides the users with a provision to open VHDX files inside matter from any of the damaged or corrupted VHDX files.

Scan VHDX Files

Monitor VHDX Images

The program completely analyzes the VHDX image files and once done with the analysis of image file, it generates the instant view of the contents that can be easily read corrupted VHDX files. The best part of VHDX Viewer is its compatibility portion. It is easily operable on all Operating system newer or later ones. This tool supports to open VHDX file Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit) or Window Server 2008/2012.

Recover Corrupt VHDX File

View Corrupted VHDX Files

VHDX viewer tool has the credibility to support all the corrupted VHDX files data. The software provides users with a quick and reliable solution to repair damaged VHDX file being affected by any type of error. Moreover, the program can browse VHDX files of any edition of Hyper-Visor server in its original format.

 Recover Deleted VHDX Files

Restore Deleted VHDX Files

The program is designed keeping users requirements in check and thus has a credibility to retrieve deleted VHDX files. In case the files/folders data is deleted, then a user can only make use of VHDX viewer and it provides a constant preview of recovered VHDX data files and allows to open VHDX files.

No Size Limitation

No File Size Limitations Imposed

The utility is very well managed and user-friendly that it does not restrict the user in terms of size. It implies that a user can browse VHDX file of any size or type by employing VHDX Explorer Program. VHDX Viewer even renders the support to 64TB size file without any restrictions imposed on it. It even retains the integrity of files during the opening of files.

User Friendly Interfac

Very Simple Interface Provided

The program is designed keeping every single user in mind. That’s why the tool VHDX Viewer freeware comes with a user-friendly interface and all the technically savvy and non-technical users can make use of the software to open VHDX files effectively. Thus, it can be a properly used by both personal and enterprise users.

Working of VHDX Viewer Tool

Steps to view VHDX File

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VHDX Viewer Freeware - Related FAQ's
“I am not technically strong and before buying the product, I would like to use the Free Viewer so that I can make sure that I am able to use this software to open VHDX files”
Ans: Yes, the application is available in two parts i.e., Demo and Licensed one. You can try the VHDX viewer freeware and make yourself comfortable before buying it.
“I have many VHDX files and I want to know that how can I view and read the entire data from VHDX files including images without any data omission?”
Ans: Yes, using the utility, you can view deleted photos easily but for that you have to go through the section listed below:
  • Open VHDX Viewer program
  • Scan and load all the VHDX files
  • Choose an option to display the corrupted or deleted VHDX files
  • The tool will help you in exploring the deleted/corrupted VHDX files and folders
“I totally belong to the non-technical background and I get frightened when it comes to using any technical product. So, I want to know that is there a support team available if I commit any mistake in viewing deleted VHDX files?”
Ans: Yes, the software comes with the round the clock assistance that can help you if you are stuck in any problem in using the VHDX Viewer freeware.
“I am very much particular about my data and I don’t want to lose a single bit of it. So, I want to know that is there any data loss while using the VHDX Viewer.”
Yes, the wizard ensures that there is no data loss in employing the tool. So, no need to worry now about the data loss while using the software.

VHD file opener

Size: 21.2 MB Version: 8.0


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The VHD Viewer freeware permits users to mount, access and view VHD files of Hyper-v Virtual Disk Image. It is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system, including the latest one i.e., Win 10. As well as it can recover deleted data of VHD files.

  • Free program to repair and open corrupt VHD file
  • No file size limitation
    There is no size limitation imposed by VHD file Viewer Software. It is successfully tested with 45GB.
    imposed by this tool
  • Recovers permanently deleted
    This tool has designed in such a way that it will recover all deleted windows image backup VHD file.
    data from VHD files
  • Supports both single & multiple partitioned
    VHD Viewer Software designed to open and view Window Backup Image having (FAT32 & NTFS Fixed and Dynamic).
  • Tool supports to recover raw data from formatted Drives
  • Supports to recover data in multiple Language from Installation Setup
    English, Chinese, Danish, Portuguese, France, Italian, Norweigian
  • Preview Data Files
    after double clicking on the file
  • Enables Category Filter
    "Images, Audios, Videos, Emails, Databases, Documents, Archives, Executable"
    to save needed files from restored data
  • Independent way to open Windows backup VHD file
  • Works with VHD Viewer of Hyper-V disk image file
  • Supported Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and all below versions

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VHD File Viewer Freeware

Features, Video and FAQ's of VHD Viewer

Basic Features of VHD File Viewer
Read VHD File

View VHD File With The Freeware

The software is an independent program, repairs corrupt VHD files for free and allows to view and read VHD file. It is possible to rapidly load and explore content of Windows backup VHD file having any size in an efficient way.

Restore Deleted VHD File

Recover Deleted Data Items From VHD

Freeware is having the capability to recover and restore deleted VHD file. It extracts permanently lost VHD data from the browsed file and loads them on the preview wizard. VHD file viewer software recovered lost files will be highlighted in red to distinguish them from existing items.

Access VHD File

Access Inaccessible VHD Files

The VHD Viewer tool supports to open a file which shows error like VHD file is corrupted and unreadable or any other. It is simple for the software to deal with such virtual hard disk files, which are not getting easily mounted on Windows OS.

Windows backup VHD file

Supports Windows Backup VHD File

This utility offers an independent measure to access VHD file of all its initiator apps like Hyper-v Virtual disk image, and Windows backup. It supports both static as well as dynamic VHD files and explores their data.

Simple Interface

Having Easy-to-Understand Interface

VHD file freeware is developed in such a way that each and every module of the application will be easily understandable. Only a user needs to add VHD files in the freeware rest, all tech activities will be carried out by VHD file Viewer software itself.

No Size Limitation Imposed

No VHD File Size Limitation Imposed

VHD explorer has no size limitation imposed. It is compatible with any size for data extraction of a VHD file. Well, a technical testing team had run the product with 45GB of .vhd file where all things were carried away in a perfect manner.

Steps To Browse VHD Files
This Is The Procedure To Open Corrupt VHD File and Access Its Data
Watch Live Video VHD Viewer
“I have downloaded this VHD Viewer freeware software on Windows 10 to repair corrupt VHD file and view its data. I found some core folders in this file, which are very much useful for me. So, I want to know that is there any option to save this recovered data on a local machine?”
Ans: No, the freeware does not support data recovery feature. If you want to restore deleted / normal VHD file items on your PC then, you can use our VHD recovery (Hyper-v recovery software interlink) software.
“I am provided with a target to mount VHD file of Windows server 2012 that is generated from Hypervisor application. Due to some reasons, I cannot access the server machine therefore, I want a standalone solution to view image file. Can anyone help me out with a way to fix this trouble?”
Ans: Yes, the VHD Viewer Freeware is independent from the fact that which application has created it?”. This utility access VHD file of all its possible types without any single hassle and permits to read VHD file.
“I am very much impressed with the VHD viewer freeware software features that are explained here. I want to utilize this application. But, before doing so, I want to learn that is there any hidden additional cost required to handle corrupted VHD file or recover deleted data from it?”
Ans: No, not at all, the tool provides an independent and a totally free functionality to work with it. Whether it is about fixing corrupt VHD or recovering deleted data items from .vhd files or software does not require any additional charges to activate these functionalities.
“I have to make a comparison between 2 VHD files for some project purpose. All freeware I found for viewing VHD file supports only one file at a time to view. But, my requirement is that I want a product, which explores two VHD files at one pane only. So, is there any availability of such feature in this product?”
Ans: Yes, the free application is providing the same functionality as you want. In order to explore multiple VHD files all at one place, you just have to browse and scan VHD files one-by-one in the product.

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