SysTools Docx Repair Software

Docx Repair Software

Docx File Restore is a standalone application that offers recovery of document recovery for Office Word application 2007 and above versions. A guaranteed recovery is followed by a retentive conversion to a new output file.

  • Get corrupted Docx files recovered with Docx recovery
  • Preview recovered document contents before saving
  • Restore Documents: Save as Docx or RTF format file
  • Standalone Recovery Tool: Recover Docx with MS Word
  • Word 2013 repair software freeware version for trial

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Windows 10

Docx Restore Software Module

Features, Video and FAQ's of Retrieve Docx File

Detailed Features of DOCX Restore Software

Restore corrupt Docx file

Restore Corrupt Docx File

Perform the recovery of corrupt Docx files with Word 2010 recovery tool. Process documents corrupted on any level intensity. Recovery involves retrieving the text, graphics, and other contents that the document consisted of at the time of corruption.

Restore corrupt Docx file

View Recovered Docx File

Once the Docx file is recovered, a preview of its contents is generated on software panel. You can have a look at the contents recovered to cross check the success of recovery and proceed with saving the file for continued use in future.

docx file repair

Restore As Docx Format

Post recovering the Docx file, you can choose to save it for continued usage. The Docx 2010 restore software creates a new Docx format file that enables recreation of the document as part of saving the recovered file.

Save DOCX as rtf file

Save Docx As RTF File

If you don’t prefer storing the data back as a Docx file, the software lets you save the document as an RTF file. Select RTF instead of Docx to save the recovered contents of the document as a Rich Text Format file.

Docx File Restore Video

How to repair docx file?

Steps to Restore Corrupted Docx File


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