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Download free PDF Bates Numbering Tool demo edition to add PDF page numbering & also to insert Bates stamp on numerous PDF files in bulk. The user can add consecutive Bates numbers on Adobe PDF file in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 & all below versions without Adobe Acrobat in the system.

  • Add consecutive page numbers in multiple PDF files
  • Allows to insert bates stamp legal documents on PDF
  • Provides option to add Prefix and Suffix to PDF files
  • No requirement of Adobe Acrobat for PDF page numbering
    The PDF Bates Numbering tool makes easy for users to insert PDF in batch and insert page number to it. After PDF numbering it becomes easy for the users to manage the PDF documents.
  • Allows user to eliminate encryption from Adobe PDF
  • Essential utility for Legal Departments, Copy Services
  • Provides different formatting to add PDF page numbering
  • PDF Bates Numberer Software supports all Windows OS
    It is a Windows-based tool which is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista and all the below version. Windows users can easily work with this utility irrespective of the Windows version they are using.

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Add PDF Page Numbering Software Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of PDF Bates Numberer Tool

Descriptive Features of PDF Bates Numbering Software

insert bates numbers in pdf

Insert PDF Bates Numbering

With PDF Bates Numberer software, users can easily add Bates numbering to PDF in multiple styles. To save time, one can also insert bates numbering to different PDF files in a batch. Additionally, the PDF page numberer also organizes the PDF file by arranging the order of the PDF file. By arranging a PDF file one can make use of the Move Up and Move Down option.

add bates numbers to pdf

Add PDF Page Numbering

The software permits insert bates numbering to multiple PDF files by using three different ways. The PDF Bates Number tool allows selecting any of the ways according to the user’s requirements. See the various ways to add Bates numbering to PDF are:

  • Add PDF page numbering without Acrobat
  • Generating PDF Bates number for files series
  • Generating Bates number and print PDF file
pdf document numbering

Setting Bates Number Type

PDF Bates Numberer Software works in a user-friendly way as it allows the user to make use of various details for creating the Bates Number:

  • Addition of suffix and prefix with PDF bates
  • Choose the number of digit you want in Bates number
  • Selecting the starting number to add bates numbers in PDF
  • Setting the number to increase the Bates on each page
bates stamp legal documents

Enables User to Add Extra Information

The PDF Bates Numberer is integrated with amazing features. This feature allows the users to insert some additional information, which is to be added on the PDF file.

  • Additional Text: With this option, the user can add some extra and confidential text on each PDF file
  • Set Position of Additional Text: This option allows the user to adjust the position of inserted text in consecutive PDF file. It also allows providing text as Top left, Top right, Bottom left, and bottom right.
page numberer software

Setting Position of Bates Number

With PDF Bates Numberer tool, adjusting or changing the positions of PDF Bates numbers is easy. The utility allows to enable position as Top left, Bottom left, Top right, Bottom right before they add PDF page numbering. Additionally, a user can also maintain the identical bates numbers on each PDF file. The tool also allows stamping the current date on the Top right side of the PDF. The user can also insert continuous series of number in all PDF files.

insert bates numbers in pdf

Permits Bates Number Formatting

Give options to set desirable font size while adding the Bates numbering to PDF documents with the PDF Bates Numberer software. Moreover, it provides the option to change the bates number font color. The tool also allows the user to highlight the PDF Bates number and make it look more prominent on the pages.

apply page numbers to pdf

Select File Name Convention

One can save the PDF file by applying the desired name to it as the utility provides various naming options. The PDF page numbering software allows storing the stamped PDF files with its original name. On the other hand, the user can save the file with the first bates number that was selected by him/her while setting the Bates number.

add bates numbers to pdf

Summary and Report Generation

Once you insert bates numbers in the PDF file, the utility displays a small summary. After the completion of the whole process, the tool will generate a complete report of all the details related to color, font size, bates number position etc.

How to Work on PDF Bates Numberer Software

Steps to Add PDF Page Numbering & Bates Stamps

Watch!! How to Add PDF Page Numbering?

FAQs Related With PST Bates Numbering Software
“I want to add PDF page numbering in batch for multiple .pdf files. I am using the Windows 8 operating system and I want to know how can I use PDF Bate Numberer utility?”
  • First, download and install PDF Bates Numbering tool
  • Insert PDF files and folder to add page numbers
  • Fill all the details related to Bates Number Format
  • The summary report is generated by the tool
  • To insert bates number in PDF, click on Generate button
“I forgot the password of some PDF files and I want to add bates numbers to PDF files. Can I add PDF page numbering to the password protected PDF files using PDF document numbering tool?”
Ans: The software will process password protected PDF files but before that, it will ask for the password. So, if you do not have the password or you forgot password then you will not be able to add bates number on your password protected PDF files.
“I want to insert bates number on Adobe PDF files but I am having a doubt that while using this software my content will remain as it is or it will change?”
Ans: No, there is no change in the content or properties of the PDF files while you use PDF Bates Numberer tool to add PDF page numbering
“I am a Mac user and I want to add PDF Bates number to some PDF files stored on my Mac System. Can I make use of this software to do the same?”
Ans: No, you cannot use PDF Bates Numberer tool as it is the Windows-based tool. You can easily add PDF page numbering to your consecutive PDF files with this software only in the Windows operating system.
“I want to preview bates numbering, how they will look on the PDF files. So, I can view them before adding it to my PDF files?”
Ans: Yes, you can easily preview your PDF pages, how they will appear after inserting bates stamping on Adobe PDF files.
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