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Know How to Unlock PDF for Typing in it Using 2 Methods

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Do you want to know how to Unlock PDF for typing in it? Well here in this blog you will get exactly two methods to remove editing restrictions:

  • First by using Adobe Acrobat Pro ( NEEDS PERMISSION PASSWORD)
  • Second Using an Automated Tool ( DOES NOT NEED PERMISSION PASSWORD)

Now, some of you must be wondering – what is a permission password? Is it the same as the opening password?

Nope! Your permission password is different from an opening password.

Actually there are two ways to secure a PDF:

  • User-level security: in this you just simply put a password to a PDF so that no one can open it or only those who know the password.
  • Owner-level security: in this, you set some restrictions on the PDF document. Restrictions like editing, printing, copying, form filling, signing, or extracting pages.

According to the query of this blog- a PDF is having an Owner level security. This means you need its permission password (must have been set by the owner) to remove editing restrictions so that you can be allowed to type in it. Then, you can use Adobe Acrobat PRO application to remove this permission.

Let us see the steps to unlock a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

How to Unlock PDF for Typing in it Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Acrobat Pro is sophisticated software that is used to manage PDF. It is designed by the company Adobe System that developed Portable Document Format. Adobe Acrobat Pro comes with many features like securing or unlocking the PDF, splitting, merging, or editing it.

You can download Acrobat from their website. They also provide 7 days free trial service. However, you have to give your card details before subscribing to their service.

After that you can follow these steps to unlock a PDF for editing:

  • Open your PDF in Acrobat PRO.
  • Now using the “Unlock” tool: select “Tools” > “Protect” > “Encrypt” > “Remove Security.
  • To remove editing restriction: As your PDF document is having the Owner password. Give permission password in the “Enter Password” textbox, then click “OK”. Click “OK” once more time to give your confirmation.

But what if you don’t have the permission password? Now how will you edit your PDF document?

Don’t worry! There are various tools present in the tech market that can remove PDF restrictions without needing a permission password. But, only this PDF Password Unlocker will guarantee safe removal of restrictions without any formatting issues. Let us know how to unlock PDF for typing in it using this remarkable software.

Remove Editing / Writing Restrictions Using This Password Remover

This password remover can terminate all types of PDF restrictions like editing, copying, printing, commenting, extracting pages, signing, or filling the PDF form. You can download its free edition without giving any debit/credit card information.


Download Now Purchase Now


Download Now Purchase Now

After downloading the tool follow these steps to unlock PDF file:

1-Step: Click on “Add File(s)/ Add Folder” to insert protected PDF.

how to unlock pdf for typing in it

2-Step: You can either save your PDF document or print it.

3-Step: press on “Unlock PDF“.

The tool has successfully “Remove PDF restrictions”: you can now type or edit it the way you want.

What makes This Tool The NO.1 Choice For Millions of Users

It removes known user-password and unknown permission password. That means if you have forgotten the permission password, still this tool will eliminate all the PDF restrictions. According to thousands of users, It is the perfect Adobe Acrobat alternative because adobe needs a permission password to remove PDF restrictions.

  • It is high-quality software that smoothly removes security from multiple PDF files and folders.
  • There will be no formatting issues like unwanted page breaks, distorted text & margins.
  • Unlock PDF files having 128/256 encryptions.
  • Available for both Windows & MAC platforms.
  • Any Adobe application is not required to remove PDF security.

If You Want Full PDF Management Tool At an Affordable Price

As you can see this tool can only work on PDF passwords. If you want a complete PDF management tool with features like Adobe Acrobat Pro but affordable then you can download SysTools PDF Management Tools, Software Kit. The actual cost of this kit is $105, but you can get this at $49. Hurry, offer for a limited period!

Benefits of Using PDF Management Kit:

  • Helps in numbering the pages of legal documents.
  • Removes PDF password and permission to access or edit the file.
  • Recover damaged PDF instantly.
  • Split and merge PDF.
  • Extract components like images, texts & perform PDF file compression.
  • Add or remove the watermark from the PDF
  • Filling of flatten PDF forms can be done by using this tool
  • Capability to convert PDF files. Also, converts any image to PDF.
  • It can convert ebooks to PDF very easily.
  • No formatting issues or distorted page layout will happen with the help of this tool

Got Perfect Solution to How to Unlock PDF For Typing in it?

I hope this blog helped you to solve your query. In this blog, I told you 2 methods to unlock restricted PDF. You can either go for Acrobat Pro or you can choose SysTools utility. You can its free demo version that will work on 5 PDF files or documents. You also get a fabulous deal on PDF Software Kit for complete management of the tool.

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